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Alumni networking platform
(Web & mobile application)

Univibe makes it easy for institutes to have their own branded web and mobile platform. We offer a robust, feature-rich platform that keeps your alums engaged and connected along with maximizing the value of these connections.

Updated information & Contacts

Building the alumni database and keeping it updated is the biggest hurdle point for any institution and Univibe helps you tackle this effectively. Alums can sign up with social media profiles and keep their information updated. 

Fundraising Support

Our fundraising platform puts the tools in your hands to raise donations for the different projects that matter. our payment gateway directly links to the institute’s bank account, seamlessly collecting money for donations and event tickets.

Student mentorship framework

Our mentoring framework connects the student for personal growth and development. Alums can guide the juniors on various aspects and help them prepare for life after college.

Connected regional chapters

Chapters play a vital role in keeping students informed about their institute. Our platform offers a vast network of regional chapters that keep you connected to your institute no matter where you live.

for alumni


Get access to an immense network of professional contacts—all with whom you already have one thing in common. Reconnect and reminisce with old classmates. It could open the doors to new and exciting opportunities, steer you toward coveted job openings and even new clients.

Self-development and growth

Get access to webinars, where you get engaging and educative content, without having to leave the office or spend a lot of money

Alumni Talk

Hear a new alum speak to you through videos and podcasts helping you expand your network and knowledge

Discounted & privileged services

Get exclusive access to special discounts on different brands and services through. Some brands we partner with are

Consultants & mentors

The mentorship program brings together students and alumni in purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships. It creates unique opportunity for students to develop relationships, receive information and advice related to academic and professional development.

Regional event scheduling

If you'd like to reconnect with institute but can't make it to the main event, create and promote upcoming regional events in your local area. Get a chance to reconnect with your old classmates and locate new alums with our platform. Celebrate events in your area and never miss out any gatherings!